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Elysian Fishing is excited to announce the release of the Yak Life Series! Elysian's Yak Life Series Rods are tailored in size, length, speed and weight to accommodate kayak specific anglers! Kayak anglers will be able to fish like never before with maximum efficiency! Elysian is proud to produce a product that reaches a mass market of anglers! Elysian has invested time, creativity and innovation in the creation of this Yak Life Series. 

The Yak Life Series features a Japanese 'Toray' graphite blank, a shorter custom rod handle length, a lime green Winn Grip. To add comfort and support Elysian has combined a unique graphite exposed reel seat. Combined with Winn Grips superior polymer grip technology that puts you in control. Elysian’s stellar craftsmanship and perfect alighted components create a well-balanced rod that has a crisp and ultra-responsive touch that improves your fishing technique and allows you to adapt not only to your fishing style but to the conditions. The Yak Life Series is designed with Kayak Anglers specifically in mind, the light weight sensitive blank is strong and balanced. The Yak Life Series features a warranty that upholds Elysian's high standards. Our goal is to fuel our Kayak Anglers love and passion for fishing, making their fishing experience more functional and will enhance the Kayak Fishing adventure! 

  • Standard Modulus Reinforcement graphite high performance rod blanks with Dynamic Modulus Positioning

  • Shorter handle to accommodate kayak anglers

  • Sleek graphite exposed casting reel seat

  • Perfectly designed actions and styles to increase fish landings

  • Winn Grips polymer technology split grip

  • Clear gloss rod blank finish

  • Two coats of the perfect mixed Flex Coat rod finish

  • 1 Year Original Owner Limited Warranty against manufacture and workmanship defects

  • Lifetime No Hassle Rod Replacement Program

  • Designed, manufactured, tested in Lexington, Kentucky

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