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An ideal tool for navigating grass and other vegetation, the Elysian Fishing Grass Jig allows you to hunt for hydrilla gorillas where they love to lurk. Featuring a streamlined head design and a weed guard that strikes the perfect balance of durability and flexibility, the Grass Jig slides their way through complex cover while shedding weeds with ease. In addition to its hydrodynamic properties, its upright head design also helps to keep the jig from turning on its side when swimming it through open water to maintain a more natural presentation.

Boosting the Elysian Fishing's Grass Jig level of effectiveness is a a premium life like silicone skirt and a bait keeper that is proven to hold your soft plastics trailer firmly in place. Powder coated and baked to keep each Grass Jig looking and feeling brand new after each use. The business end of the jig boats a smooth penetrating Mustard Ultra Point Heavy Wire Hook ready to tangle with big bass and heavy cover. Elysian Fishing's Grass Jig comes in 1/4oz - 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook, 3/8oz – 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook, and 1/2oz - 5/0 Mustard Ultra Point Hook. Give Elysian Fishing's Grass Jig a try on your next fishing trip.

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